to family -blood, chosen, universal, the more-than-human world, the soul of all that exists. to inara. to my teachers, of which I have many - Elizabeth Mooney, Ben RyterbandMary Blue, Amanda David, Angela Angel, Kathryn Solie, Rosemary Barria, Sheena AleseChestnut School of Herbal Medicine.


intuitive illustration and graphic design
plant medicine - small batches
doula services

alternative economies

- i have participated in trades such as work trades, skill trades, and product trades and hope to continue doing so. don’t hesitate to make an offer

photo taken by jasmine baetz in taos, nm

about / cai diluvio

i am a jungle born, urban transplant advocating for soul remembrance through the healing arts, community, and earth stewardship. mama, herbalist, gardener, trauma informed birthworker, teaching artist + youth educator, and intradimensional artist weaving a nexus of forgotten dreams, fragmented pottery, and seeds. i hold a BA in art history, painting, and a minor in ceramics. for more info, check my CV.

latin / before
spanish / deluge or flood / my surname, a forced inheritance upon my Filipinx ancestors from Spanish colonizers